Bespoke wine cabinet "Sliding" & "Gravity" - Tervuren 2016
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Bespoke wine cabinet “Sliding” & “Gravity”
Tervuren 2016

About This Project


This tailor-made metal wine cabinet nestles in a small space under the staircase of this house in the outer Brussels suburbs. An extension of the entrance hall, it immediately attracts the eye and, in addition to its primary function of storing and displaying the wine, fits perfectly with the interior lines to form part of the decorative ensemble. The different radio-controlled lighting units also add to the atmosphere in the evening.

Special features

Due to its position, this cabinet required us to design metal frames with very specific profiles fitted with totally original, elegant hinges. The silent refrigeration system has been fitted in under the stairs to be invisible.


LocationTervuren 2016

Size h 210 - l 210 - p 90


Price42.000 €

Gravity, Sliding/XL