"Classic" wine cellar for au Sanglier des Ardennes Durbuy 2019 | Degré 12
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“Classic” wine cellar for au Sanglier des Ardennes
Durbuy 2019

About This Project


On the occasion of the complete renovation of the hotel-restaurant “Le Sanglier des Ardennes”, well known in the Belgian Ardennes, we were entrusted with reorganising the basement to install a real showcase for the numerous bottles shown on the hotel-restaurant’s excellent wine list.
Old stone is combined with more modern and noble materials, for a very successful ensemble that visitors will enjoy discovering during their visit to the region.

Specific features

This basement dedicated to wine is made up of four distinct spaces that form a gigantic wine cellar, which can hold more than 10,000 bottles. For its sleek design, modularity and optimised storage space, our “Classic” collection was chosen for the storage and display of the bottles. The backlighting on the old hewn stones enhances the look of the whole to give it an undeniable and quite unique cachet.

© Photos – Inside

LocationDurbuy 2019

Size h 240 - l 1130 - p 800


Price- €