Custom wine cabinet - Oiled wenge - Liège 2012
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Custom wine cabinet – Oiled wenge
Liège 2012

About This Project


Contrary to appearances, this is not the wine cabinet of a restaurant but that of a private wine enthusiast. This ageing cabinet in wenge is installed in his dining room and runs at a constant temperature of 12°. It is perfectly symmetrical and divided into three areas: a central unit for displaying the finest bottles and two storage units, one on either side.

Special characteristics

The cabinet includes a Gyproc partition that aims to reduce the perception of depth in the unit, which would otherwise be too imposing for the size of the room. The cooling pipe has been installed in the crawl space under the cabinet and the compressor has been moved out into the garden, behind a small hedge.

LocationLiège 2012

Size h 250 - l 408 - p 86


Price64.000 €

Tradition - Wood