Custom made wine cellar "Classic" & "Gravity"Flanders 2021 | Degré 12
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Custom made wine cellar “Classic” & “Gravity”
Flanders 2021

About This Project


Our client is passionate about very good wines of course, but also about everything that is beautiful and tasteful, a true epicurean who knows how to treat himself!
This extraordinary wine cellar is proof of this, nestled in the heart of what some would call a “dream man’s cave”, where works of art, vintage cars and various spaces dedicated to spending festive moments with friends rub shoulders. The place, whose location is of course kept confidential, is a little jewel with a very elaborate design.

Specific features

The high ceilings rise to over 3m, the furniture is monumental and can accommodate over 6,500 bottles of all types, and an impressive number of wooden cases that the owner likes to keep to age his wine.
In addition to the 6 “Gravity” display units nestled behind the masterly glass window, the rest of the furnishings are mainly made up of our “Classic” shelving units, which provide optimal storage capacity, as well as the creation of a central island of the most beautiful effect. Some non-standard bottles have individual wall displays to complete the whole.
All of this is, of course, invisibly air-conditioned, with a custom made system the volume…

LocationFlanders 2021

Size h 300 - w 400 - d 1500



Classic, Gravity