Metallic wine cellar "Classic" - Brussels 2010
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Metallic wine cellar “Classic”
Brussels 2010

About This Project


A wine collection built up over a 9-year period meant that the car had to be turned out of the garage and the owner had had to buy 5 cupboards to cope with the situation. As it was becoming hugely difficult to manage the space and gain access to the wine, we chose to, build a proper wine cellar in the only space available, the crawl space under the house! All the bottles are now accessible and centralized in an air-conditioned cellar worthy of the name… and the car is back in the garage.

Special characteristics

By using our CLASSIC range, storage has been optimized to accommodate nearly 3,000 bottles in a space measuring just 7m². Another advantage of this small space is that energy consumption for running the temperature and humidity regulation system that we have installed is extremely low.

LocationBrussels 2012

Size h 210 - l 200 - p 340


Price12.800 €