Steel wine cabinet – Sliding - Antwerp 2012
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Steel wine cabinet – Sliding
Antwerp 2012

About This Project


As the house had no cellar, the only option for installing a storage system was to take up part of the garage. We opted for our SLIDING cabinet with an angled glazed surface. As the owner had a number of sports cars, we had to consider the problem of heat rising from the engines every time a car was parked in the garage. The garage ceiling was quite low and the temperature could rise quickly to 26 to 29° for around 30 minutes, which meant a risk of condensation on the glass.

Special characteristics

The cabinet is fitted with a double lighting circuit that varies according to the light levels in the room, mainly to compensate for the intrusion of light when the garage door is opened.

LocationAntwerp 2012

Size h 205 - l 430 - p 95


Price62.000 €