Bespoke wine cellar "Classic" and "Gravity"Brussels 2017 | Degré 12
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Bespoke wine cellar “Classic” and “Gravity”
Brussels 2017

About This Project


Installed during the complete renovation of a magnificent Brussels residence, this wine cellar is unique in many ways. Its location, as the focal point of a space dedicated to relaxation, with a superb marble swimming pool underneath the “Gravity” shelving, from which the most beautiful bottles can be admired. The modular lighting management of the space and of the cellar itself creates an unusual atmosphere, far from the traditional dark wine cellar of the past. As for the materials chosen (steel, resin, mirror), the images speak for themselves. This cellar, which can be seen as soon as you enter the house, is truly an integral part of the interior design desired by the owner.


Given the relatively small space available, the layout has been carefully designed to provide ample storage capacity without sacrificing the aesthetics of the cellar. The “Gravity” displays at the entrance to the cellar have been installed in front of a mirror, giving the visual illusion of a much larger space.
The top of the shelving was specifically designed for optimum visual effect from the upstairs entrance hall, with dedicated label lighting for the top bottles.

LocationBrussels 2017

Size h 260 - l 500 - d 140


Price71.000 €

Classic, Gravity