Dom Pérignon Champagne cabinet Plaza Athénée bar - Paris 2018 | Degré 12
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Dom Pérignon Champagne cabinet
Plaza Athénée bar – Paris 2018

About This Project


For the bar of the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, Degré 12 created a world exclusive, exceptional cellar, unique in its design, size and technical specifications. The sole aim was to display some sixty bottles of rare white and rosé Dom Pérignon. Vintage, P2, P3, Magnum, Jeroboam, Methuselah: luxury revealed in all its subtlety for an extraordinary wine cabinet, equal to the measure of the bottles it contains.

Special features

More than 4m high, individually illuminated bottles, a base replicating ancestral woodwork, invisible and silent air conditioning, a luminous atmosphere that can be adapted at will using luminescent Plexiglass tiles to match the themes of the different evenings or bottles on display. A real technical and aesthetic challenge, for a final result that is worth the detour if you have the opportunity to go through the bar of the palace during a stay in Paris…


LocationParis 2018

Size h 480 - l 130 - d 80


Price- €