Bespoke Wine Cellar in Light OakLuxembourg 2015 | Degré 12
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Bespoke Wine Cellar in Light Oak
Luxembourg 2015

About This Project


There’s no reason why a wooden wine cellar can’t be fitted into a resolutely modern villa. It was what this Luxembourg client wanted for a space adjoining his garage, in which we installed a series of storage and display units. The materials we used were light oak and shale, for a mineral touch, which offered a harmonious combination. The lighting can be adjusted to suit the required mood…

Special Features

Wooden cases, bottles, large and very large sizes… everything has been thought of to provide the best possible storage and display of the various bottles in this magnificently-stocked cellar.
Wide sliding drawers for bottles stored flat or on an incline and for wooden cases make the cellar extremely functional without any loss of attractiveness.
The shale with inlaid copper pyrite attracts the light to provide a structured effect and subtle reflections.


LocationLuxembourg 2015

Size h 248 - w 500 - d 300


Price107.000 €

Tradition - Wood