Metalic wine cellar "Classic" - Hainaut 2014
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Metalic wine cellar “Classic”
Hainaut 2014

About This Project


While a vaulted cellar offers a number of advantages from the aesthetic point of view, the same can’t be said when it comes to storing wine. The vault means that you can’t work at a height, so we deliberately chose to stop at 1.20m from the floor. The atmospheric back-lighting installed between the wall and the shelf space adds to the visual attractiveness of the vault.

Special characteristics

As the humidity level in this old house is around 90%, there was no point in installing a wooden cellar; we opted for a black stainless steel layout to offer outstanding durability. The adjustable feet compensate for the unevenness of the floor. A central unit with a zinc worktop is used for all handling operations linked to managing the cellar.


LocationHainaut 2014

Size h 180 - l 420 - p 390


Price21.000 €