Metalic wine cellar "Classic" - Ostend 2013
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Metalic wine cellar “Classic”
Ostend 2013

About This Project


The cellar is small, only 6 to 7m². The owner wanted to store as many bottles as possible, so we opted for metal shelving. The shelves are flexible (height-adjustable every 3 cm) to optimize space in the cellar and store 1,800 bottles. Storage trays designed for 24 bottles are combined with label-vision trays which display the labels on the finest bottles: an ideal compromise.

Special characteristics

The very narrow access to the cellar steered us towards our CLASSIC range. Each component can be totally dismantled and arrived separately to be assembled on the spot. In the end, the cellar gives the impression of having always been part of the house.

LocationOstend 2013

Size h 210 - l 320 - p 230


Price9.700 €